Multi-Sharp® Tool Sharpeners

Multi-Sharp® Tool Sharpeners
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Fiskars 120740 Xsharp„¢ Axe & Knife Sharpener

The Fiskars Xsharp„¢ Axe and Knife Sharpener acts as two sharpeners in one. The ceramic grind stone ..

£21.05 £14.03 Ex Tax: £11.69

Multi-Sharp® 1401 Multi-Sharp® MS1401 Shear & Scissor Sharpener

The Multi-Sharp® MS1401 Shear & Scissor Sharpener, will sharpen all types of shears: regular, long-h..

£8.26 £5.96 Ex Tax: £4.97

Multi-Sharp® 1601 Multi-Sharp® MS1601 Secateur / Pruner & Lopper Sharpener

The Multi-Sharp® MS1601 Secateur / Pruner & Lopper Sharpener with a long-lasting Silcon Carbide abra..

£8.26 £6.14 Ex Tax: £5.12

Multi-Sharp® 2001 Multi-Sharp® Dual Purpose Drill Bit & Tool Sharpener

The Multi-Sharp® ATT2001 Dual Purpose Sharpener will accurately sharpen HSS and masonry bits, (inclu..

£20.98 £15.64 Ex Tax: £13.03

Multi-Sharp® 2002 Multi-Sharp® Aluminium Oxide Replacement Wheel

The Multi-Sharp® ATT2002 Aluminium Oxide replacement wheel fits the ATT2001 Multi-Sharp® Sharpener.M..

£4.08 £3.05 Ex Tax: £2.54

Multi-Sharp® 2003 Multi-Sharp® Silicon Carbide Replacement Wheel

The Multi-Sharp® ATT2003 Silicon Carbide replacement grinding wheel fits the ATT 2001 Multi-Sharp® D..

£4.08 £3.05 Ex Tax: £2.54

Multi-Sharp® 3001 Multi-Sharp® Wetstone Water Cooled Chisel Plane Sharpener

The Multi-Sharp ATT3001 €˜Wetstone€™ Chisel & Plane Blade Sharpener has the following features:*WATE..

£29.88 £22.27 Ex Tax: £18.56

Multi-Sharp® 3002 Multi-Sharp® Replacement Wheel for Wetstone

The ATT3002 Multi-Sharp® Replacement grinding wheel fits the 3001 Wetstone Water Cooled Chisel/Plane..

£5.62 £4.18 Ex Tax: £3.48

Multi-Sharp® 3500 Multi-Sharp® Diamond Tool Sharpener

The Multi-Sharp® ATT3500 Diamond Tool Sharpener is highly versatile, suitable for many aplications a..

£9.22 £6.65 Ex Tax: £5.54