Roofing Squares

Roofing Squares
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BlueSpot Tools 25701 Framing Square 400 x 600mm (16 x 24in)

The BlueSpot Tools Framing Square used for woodworking or roofing requirements. Calibrated in metric..

£8.32 £5.41 Ex Tax: £4.51

Fisco X55E X55E Red Plastic Rafter Angle Square 175mm

Calculates rafter angles and can be used as a protractor as well as a rafter square. For use in basi..

£8.45 £6.30 Ex Tax: £5.25

Fisher 1110 F1110IMR Steel Roofing Square 400 x 600mm (16 x 24in)

High quality, heavy-duty roofing square suitable for both the DIY enthusiast and the craftsman. Stam..

£11.95 £8.90 Ex Tax: £7.42

Quick & Easy Aluminium Roofing Square 180mm

The Faithfull Quick and Easy Aluminium Roofing Square, also known as a layout or angle square, is de..

£8.28 £5.38 Ex Tax: £4.48

Stanley Tools 145530 Roofing Square 400 x 600mm

The metric roofing carpenters square is designed for all roofing calculations and also the layout of..

£35.90 £26.76 Ex Tax: £22.30