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Edma 0310 310/1005 Mat Slate & Punch Cutter

Plier action roof slate tile cutter with spring loaded handles. This model also has a slate hole pun..

£67.46 Ex Tax: £56.22

Edma 0311 35mm Blade - Only for 0320 & 0310

35 mm blade - only for 0310 and 0320 slate cutters...

£8.93 £8.70 Ex Tax: £7.25

Edma 0312 Universal Punch For 0310, 0324, 0335

Spare universal punch suitable for models: 0310, 0324 and 0335 slate cutters...

£8.93 £8.70 Ex Tax: £7.25

Edma 0320 320/1005a Mat Coup Slate Cutter

Plier type roof slate tile cutter with spring loaded handles. Approx length: 300mm (12 in). Will cut..

£39.94 £38.94 Ex Tax: £32.45

Edma 0330 Pro Mat Coup Slate Guillotine Machine

Guillotine type heavy-duty roof slate tile cutter of 210mm (8.1/4in) capacity. Designed to cut slate..

£51.98 £50.69 Ex Tax: £42.24

Edma 0332 Heavy-Duty Batten Lifter

Heavy-duty roof batten remover with up to 1 tonne resistance, with a soft-grip handle...

£32.32 Ex Tax: £26.93

Edma 0365 0365 Maxi-Pro Roofer Pack

Slate and Tinsnip set.The slate cutter features an integral hole punch and will shape slate, eternit..

£75.59 £73.69 Ex Tax: £61.41

Edma 1330 Large Natural Slate Guillotine Machine

Large slate guillotine which cuts up to 12mm (1/2in) thick natural slates in one easy action.Suitabl..

£151.00 £147.22 Ex Tax: £122.68

Edma 1381 Universal Slaters Hammer Leather Handle

This Edma Universal Slaters hammer is hand forged with a leather handle. It features a nail puller a..

£74.50 £72.64 Ex Tax: £60.53

Miscellaneous 1414 Stainless Steel Slaters Ripper 600mm

Slate ripper with stainless steel blade, straight heavy handle with recessed grip. The stainless ste..

£33.59 £30.56 Ex Tax: £25.47

Professional Slate Cutter 35mm

This Faithfull Professional Slate Cutter is a convenient, hand operated plier type slate cutter with..

£61.94 £40.26 Ex Tax: £33.55

Professional Slate Cutter Service Kit

Service Kit for the Faithfull Professional Slate Cutter (FAISLATECUT)...

£14.10 £9.17 Ex Tax: £7.64

Roofing Scraper - Long Handled 1.4m (54 in)

The Faithfull FAIHDRS heavy-duty roofing scraper with a 175mm (7 inch) wide one-piece solid steel fo..

£43.51 £28.28 Ex Tax: £23.57