Leica Disto D2 laser Measure & Distance Measure


Leica Disto D2 laser Measure & Distance Measure
Measuring distances and with one of the smallest laser distance measure in the world.

Description of the Leica Disto D2 laser
This is the compact and handy base model and was specifically designed for indoor jobs.
Their are shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, volume and area calculation make measuring easy fast and very reliable.
Your last 10 measurements can be stored.
As with all Disto laser measures the laser dot is clearly visible.
Its nearly always easy to see your targeting point, even if the target object is in a hard to access area.
To say you will never use a measuring tape again! would be a lie but it certainly makes the job much easier.

As with most laser measures it is easy & quick to use the Disto D2 laser
You can calculate volumes, You can calculate area and measure a distance all at the touch of a button.

You can Measure from a corner or from an edge.
The Disto D2 has a flip-out end-piece to make measuring in any situation easy.

The Disto D2 could be describe as Small and handy laser measure there are several other laser distance measures on the market that fall in to this bracket,
the Stabila LD300, the Bosch DLE70 are all werth considering.
The Disto D2 is ergonomic and compact design it has a soft grip,this makes it a nice securely fit in your hand.

The Display on the Disto D2 is nice and clear with a 3 line, the display is also illuminated to make reading easier, even in the low light conditions.

Included items with the Disto D2
Disto D2
hand loop

Features Of the Disto D2
Measuring from 0.05 m up to 60 m - 0.16 ft up to 197 ft
The typical accuracy + or -1.5 mm or in imperial + or - 0.06in
Easy-to-use with the short cut keys
The illuminated display can be read even in the low light conditions
end-piece that flips out to help when measuring from corners or edges
dust proof
and splash proof IP54 rating
Leica Disto D2 laser Measure & Distance Measure

Price: 117.00 exVAT
140.40 incVAT
Postage: £ 3.85

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