Damp Detectors & Testers

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Laserliner 082003A DampCheck - Damp Meter

The Laserliner DampCheck is a compact moisture measuring device. It is ideal for checking the drynes..

£27.44 £28.55 Ex Tax: £23.79

Laserliner 082015A DampFinder Compact - Damp Meter

The Laserliner DampFinder Compact is a universal device for ascertaining moisture in building materi..

£65.39 £68.00 Ex Tax: £56.67

Laserliner 082032A MoistureFinder - Non-Destructive Damp Meter

The Laserliner MoistureFinder provides professional, non-destructive measurement of material moistur..

£117.71 £122.41 Ex Tax: £102.01

Stanley Intelli Tools 077030 Moisture Meter

Gives % moisture reading based on electrical resistance across two pins.LCD screen with dual measure..

£37.85 £28.20 Ex Tax: £23.50