Digital & Infrared Thermometers

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Arctic Hayes 998724 3 In 1 Thermometer

The Arctic Hayes 3 In 1 Thermometer is a pipe, infrared and stem thermometer, all in 1 instrument. S..

£52.48 £51.17 Ex Tax: £42.64

Arctic Hayes 998783 Digital Thermo-Anemometer

The Arctic Hayes Digital Thermo-Anemometer is easy to use and produces highly sensitivity and accura..

£107.99 £105.29 Ex Tax: £87.74

Laserliner 082028A ClimaCheck - Digital Humidity & Temperature

The Laserliner ClimaCheck is a digital device that measures relative humidity and ambient temperatur..

£16.99 £17.68 Ex Tax: £14.73

Laserliner 082038A ThermoSpot One - Infrared Temperature Meter

The Laserliner ThermoSpot One is a non-contact infrared device which is ideal for taking surface tem..

£52.31 £54.40 Ex Tax: £45.33

RIDGID 36798 Micro IR-200 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

The RIDGID® Micro IR-200 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer provides simple, quick and accurate surfac..

£108.12 £105.42 Ex Tax: £87.85

RIDGID 37438 HM-100 Micro Humidity & Temperature Meter 37438

The Ridgid HM-100 Micro Humidity and Temperature Meter is a professional and easy to use device for ..

£108.12 £105.42 Ex Tax: £87.85

Stanley Intelli Tools 077365 Digital Infrared Thermometer

The Stanley Intelli Tools Digital Infrared Thermometer is accurate to within 3° with a wavelength be..

£58.51 £43.62 Ex Tax: £36.35