Chalk Line Reels

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Bahco CL Cl-1221 Chalk Line Reel 30m

This Bahco chalk line has a 30 metre line of mixed orange nylon and cotton. It has a breaking strain..

£16.27 £12.12 Ex Tax: £10.10

Bahco CLSET Blue Chalk, Chalk Line, Line Level Set

This Bahco chalk line set contains the following: Chalk line (30 metres); Blue chalk (227g); Line le..

£22.21 £16.55 Ex Tax: £13.79

BlueSpot Tools 34634 Chalk Line Set 3 Piece

3 piece chalk line set. Set contains 50ft chalk line, chalk and line level...

£5.23 £3.40 Ex Tax: £2.83

IRWIN 10507679 Chalk Reel 30m

The Irwin Chalk reel with a heavy-duty case constructed of durable aluminium alloy to withstand jobs..

£13.40 £9.98 Ex Tax: £8.32

IRWIN Strait-Line 10507676 Speedline Pro Reel 30m / 100ft

The Irwin Strait-Line Speedline Pro Reel has a lightweight ABS impact resistant case. Its durable st..

£14.22 £10.60 Ex Tax: £8.83

IRWIN Strait-Line 10507681 6X Chalk Reel 30m / 100ft

Chalk reel strong, durable and with high-strength polymer cord for durability, and a high chalk capa..

£15.20 £11.33 Ex Tax: £9.44

IRWIN Strait-Line 10507683 Aluminium 30m Chalk Line & Blue Chalk Pack

The STL10507683 Irwin Strait-Line Chalk Line Kit comprises a chalk line and 113g blue chalk. The Irw..

£16.24 £12.11 Ex Tax: £10.09

IRWIN Strait-Line 10507684 HPP Chalk Reel Set 30m & Blue 113g Chalk

This Irwin Strait-Line Chalk Reel has the following features;Gear ratio 6:1 for faster line retracti..

£18.01 £13.43 Ex Tax: £11.19

Roughneck 43065 Chalk Line 30m & Blue Chalk

30m (100 foot) line with 15 kg breaking strength. Fold away winding handle. 3 - 1 gear ratio for qui..

£18.01 £12.10 Ex Tax: £10.08

Stanley Tools 047100 Chalkomatic 30m / 100ft

Stainless steel and hook for added durability and rust prevention.Ergonomic design, holds 30m of str..

£13.52 £10.08 Ex Tax: £8.40

Stanley Tools 047147 Compact Chalk Line 9m

The Stanley Compact Chalk Line is less than half the size, by volume, of standard chalk reels. It ha..

£10.78 £8.04 Ex Tax: £6.70

Stanley Tools 047440 Chalk Line 30m

Stainless steel and hook for added durability and rust prevention.Ergonomic design holds 30m of stri..

£8.04 £5.99 Ex Tax: £4.99

Stanley Tools 047443 Chalk Line 30m Blue Chalk & Level

This chalk line has an ergonomic design, with a high impact ABS case for durability. It has an on-bo..

£10.04 £7.49 Ex Tax: £6.24

Stanley Tools 047460 Power Winder Chalk Line 30m

Power Winder chalk line 30meterStainless steel hook for added durability and rust prevention.Ergonom..

£13.43 £10.02 Ex Tax: £8.35

Stanley Tools 047465 Power Winder Chalk Line 30m , Chalk & Level

Power Winder 30m Kit. Stainless steel hook for added durability and rust prevention. Ergonomic desig..

£21.04 £15.68 Ex Tax: £13.07