Eclipse Jigs

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Trend WP-EJ/02 Connector plate Ellipse Jig WP-EJ/02

Trend Machinery Connector Plate Ellipse Jig WP-EJ/02Replacement adaptor plate for the Ellips..

£25.20 Ex Tax: £21.00

Trend WP-EJ/05 Grub screw M6X 5mm Ellipse (Pair) WP-EJ/05

Trend Machinery Grub Screw M6X 5mm Ellipse (Pair) WP-EJ/05Replacement grub screw set for the Ellip..

£0.60 Ex Tax: £0.50

Trend WP-EJ/06 T Slotted main board Ellipse Jig WP-EJ/06

Trend Machinery T Slotted Main Board Ellipse Jig WP-EJ/06Replacement T slot table for the Ellipse..

£106.80 Ex Tax: £89.00

Trend WP-EJ/07 Slider set Ellipse Jig (Pair) WP-EJ/07

Trend Machinery Slider Set Ellipse Jig (Pair) WP-EJ/07Replacement slider set for the Ellipse j..

£58.20 Ex Tax: £48.50

Trend WP-EJ/08 Machine screw countersink M4X25 slotted WP-EJ/08

Trend Machinery Machine Screw CSK M4X 25 Slotted WP-EJ/08Replacement M6 screw set for the Ellips..

£0.60 Ex Tax: £0.50